I have decided to start writing some of my notes online. The reason for this is because: (a) I can see them whenever I have an internet connection wherever I may be and (b) maybe there are some poor souls out there that are also finding some concepts hard to grasp and just need another perspective on them.
This means that I will only be writing up posts that I believe are not really well covered on the internet in a fashion that is accessible to a Masters student doing a CS degree. So, this is not the place to be, if you want to learn all there is to know about Deep Learning, because there are loads of resources online for that and they are great (and also, it's not really my area of expertise at all).
A lot of the stuff I'll go through takes concepts from books like Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective by Kevin Murpy and makes kind of makes them a little less dense and little more intuitive (at least to me). Other posts will just focus on things that I have come across during my PhD that I have understood in my own way, which may be helpful to others as well. So, without further ado, below are some of my posts to date.